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rainbowbreeze / find_personas.js
Created Nov 15, 2019
Find Personas from survey replies
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function testPersonas() {
var personas = AssignPersonas(
"Get inspired about new activities and formats I can run with my community",
"Building connections and celebrate with the other GDG leads at the summit and I/O",
"I've been around for a while (3+ years)",
"500 - 1000");
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from pydub import AudioSegment
import youtube_dl
import logging
import os
import sys
def create_desc_file(url):
"""Creates a desc file directly from the YT file
Script to identify accounts followed older than 4 months.
Source blogpost:
import tweetpony
from datetime import timedelta, datetime
import urllib3.contrib.pyopenssl
import time