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rainbowdash12345 / FB Email List Gen
Last active Nov 17, 2016
Process for cleaning a db of comments and separating out the email addresses
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This process is for creating a list of leads in order to seed a new Facebook audience. Our goal was to identify a subset of leads that would be more likely to purchase our books.

We ran a contest using SumoMe, and once individuals signed up for our email list, they were asked a simple question "What is your favorite author?" Those who answered with a non-sequitor or who just said "can't wait to win your contest" should be filtered out.

We received over 900 entries and around 150 emails, plus we plan to run these contests every month, so it's imperative to have a great process to do this quickly!

How To:

  1. Copy the "feedback" out of word press and paste it into a Google Docs spreadsheet, page by page (feedback items, like comments are listed 10 per page.
rainbowdash12345 / Contest Entry Script v2.scpt
Last active Oct 23, 2018
Applescript to read spreadsheet and fill out web form
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-- This Applescript will help you quickly import a spreadsheet of emails and names into your KingSumo contest entry. Follow the instructions below to run. Check out the in-line comments for options to customize.
-- Open your spreadsheet containing the names & emails you want to import. Make sure that the first NAME is selected from the first row of data (row 2, usually).
-- Repeat & if statements tell the script to keep running until the end of your spreadsheet.
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
repeat with x from 2 to (count rows of active sheet)
if value of cell 1 of row x = "" then exit repeat
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
rainbowdash12345 / README
Last active Nov 11, 2016 — forked from rwest/README
Convert OS X Keychain exported entries into logins for 1Password import
These two files should help you to import passwords from mac OS X keychains to 1password.
1) You have some experience with scripting/are a power-user. These scripts worked for me
but they haven't been extensively tested and if they don't work, you're on your own!
Please read this whole document before starting this process. If any of it seems
incomprehensible/frightening/over your head please do not use these scripts. You will
probably do something Very Bad and I wouldn't want that.
2) You have ruby 1.9.2 installed on your machine. This comes as standard with Lion, previous
versions of OS X may have earlier versions of ruby, which *may* work, but then again, they