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Install specific version of Homebrew formula
# Install specific version of Homebrew formula
# usage example:
# $ brew-install ssh-copy-id 6.0p1
function brew-install {
local formula version formula_hash
cd `brew --prefix`
git_last_commit_id=`git rev-parse --short HEAD`
formula_hash=`brew versions $formula|grep $version|awk '{print $4}'`
echo brew install $formula with version $version $formula_hash
git checkout $formula_hash Library/Formula/$formula.rb
brew install $formula
brew switch $formula $version
git checkout $git_last_commit_id Library/Formula/$formula.rb # reset formula
cd - # got back to previous dir
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rainchen commented Oct 30, 2013

@tnine just add the code into ~/.bash_profile

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reubenbrown commented Jan 15, 2015

Been looking everywhere for something like this. Thanks!

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