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Browse Ramda documentation in Terminal
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Browse Ramda documentation in Terminal
# Requires jq and a tool such as fzf or peco for interactive filtering
json=$(curl -s $LATEST)
functions=$(echo "$json" | jq -r '.[] | if .sig and (.sig | length > 0) then .name + " :: " + .sig else .name end')
fn=$(echo "$functions" | fzf --reverse) || exit 0
fn_name=$(echo $fn | awk '{print $1}')
desc=$(echo "$json" | jq -r ".[] | select(.name == \"$fn_name\") | .description" | fmt)
echo "$fn"
echo "$desc"
echo "$docs_url"
# Open URL in browser
# open $docs_url # mac
# xdg-open $docs_url # linux
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thanks for this 👍

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Thanks, this is very helpful. tempted to buy the alfred 2 license just for the convenience of ramda... much appreciated.

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@raine - Would really love to do the same with Electron api docs:

Can you take a look at these 2 links and tell me if it is possible (easy) - THANkS

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bliotti commented Jun 22, 2018

Can anyone provide more detail on how I run this? I have installed jq and fzf thanks!

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