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An aesthetic comparison of a few human-readable hashing functions.

An Aesthetic Comparison of Human-Readable
Hashing Functions

The following compares the output of several creative hash functions designed for human readability.

sha1's are merely used as arbitrary, longer, distributed input values.

input 1 word output 2 word output 3 word output
'01' alabama
'02' alanine
'03' alaska
sha1(1)1 paris wisconsin-glucose april-oxygen-alabama
sha1(2)2 enemy uncle-ten fanta-august-kentucky
sha1(3)3 wyoming red-fanta dakota-seven-blossom
input output
1 familiar-grand
2 little-tip
3 wrathful-deposit
sha1(1)1 steep-milk
sha1(2)2 disturbed-draft
sha1(3)3 adamant-glass
input output
1 Ag spirit hardcore shown freshwater
2 Carry lights die clayton aluminum
3 Peaks affiliate maintains backward exercises
input output
'x00000001' babab-babad
'x00000002' babab-babaf
'x00000003' babab-babag
sha1(1)1 gijop-dohor-lohig-radas-jidil-huhim-sapat-hirok-gojih-fofor
sha1(2)2 tonar-namul-roras-sulud-nubal-kagap-rivov-sifom-gikib-dafub
sha1(3)3 liziv-kogip-vugim-favup-rovuj-murir-dufav-digil-dadov-mavur
input output
'01' alert
'02' alien
'03' all
sha1(1)1 grocery pumpkin machine frequent normal danger normal guide equal spread survey person resist erode glass boat six cram pet grace grid index public six couch able
sha1(2)2 sister coffee mean float opinion tissue broccoli shy junior office friend brand danger gravity shy decade tenant indicate brave gesture major helmet clown sheriff couple acoustic
sha1(3)3 human weird noble organ champion total develop ignore erupt mention imitate bike cube million sister erase miss crawl mercy good involve general sun thunder vapor able


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