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Last active March 30, 2021 16:50
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multi dimensional softmax with tensorflow
import tensorflow as tf
Multi dimensional softmax,
refer to
compute softmax along the dimension of target
the native softmax only supports batch_size x dimension
def softmax(target, axis, name=None):
with tf.name_scope(name, 'softmax', values=[target]):
max_axis = tf.reduce_max(target, axis, keep_dims=True)
target_exp = tf.exp(target-max_axis)
normalize = tf.reduce_sum(target_exp, axis, keep_dims=True)
softmax = target_exp / normalize
return softmax
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Why the max_axis = tf.reduce_max(target, axis, keep_dims=True) ?

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N-McA commented Dec 7, 2017

For numerical stability; softmax(x+c) = softmax(x), but note that e^x gets big fast...

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