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Jane Street alternative name generator
# To get this to work: install names (`pip3 install --user -U names`)
import names
import random
# copied from
# hardcoded because requests + BeautifulSoup got too ugly and it's faster to
# just extract and prettify the words from the page manually
'Alley', 'Annex', 'Arcade', 'Avenue', 'Bayou', 'Beach', 'Bend', 'Bluff',
'Bluffs', 'Bottom', 'Boulevard', 'Branch', 'Bridge', 'Brook', 'Brooks',
'Burg', 'Burgs', 'Bypass', 'Camp', 'Canyon', 'Cape', 'Causeway', 'Center',
'Centers', 'Circle', 'Circles', 'Cliff', 'Cliffs', 'Club', 'Common',
'Commons', 'Corner', 'Corners', 'Course', 'Court', 'Courts', 'Cove',
'Coves', 'Creek', 'Crescent', 'Crest', 'Crossing', 'Crossroad',
'Crossroads', 'Curve', 'Dale', 'Dam', 'Divide', 'Drive', 'Drives',
'Estate', 'Estates', 'Expressway', 'Extension', 'Extensions', 'Fall',
'Falls', 'Ferry', 'Field', 'Fields', 'Flat', 'Flats', 'Ford', 'Fords',
'Forest', 'Forge', 'Forges', 'Fork', 'Forks', 'Fort', 'Freeway', 'Garden',
'Gardens', 'Gateway', 'Glen', 'Glens', 'Green', 'Greens', 'Grove',
'Groves', 'Groves', 'Harbor', 'Harbors', 'Haven', 'Heights', 'Highway',
'Hill', 'Hills', 'Hollow', 'Inlet', 'Island', 'Islands', 'Isle',
'Junction', 'Junctions', 'Key', 'Keys', 'Knoll', 'Knolls', 'Lake', 'Lakes',
'Land', 'Landing', 'Lane', 'Light', 'Lights', 'Loaf', 'Lock', 'Locks',
'Lodge', 'Loop', 'Mall', 'Manor', 'Manors', 'Meadow', 'Meadows',
'Mews', 'Mill', 'Mills', 'Mission', 'Motorway', 'Mount', 'Mountain',
'Mountains', 'Neck', 'Orchard', 'Oval', 'Overpass', 'Park', 'Parkway',
'Parkways', 'Pass', 'Passage', 'Path', 'Pike', 'Pine', 'Pines', 'Place',
'Plain', 'Plains', 'Plaza', 'Point', 'Points', 'Port', 'Ports', 'Prairie',
'Radial', 'Ramp', 'Ranch', 'Rapid', 'Rapids', 'Rest', 'Ridge', 'Ridges',
'River', 'Road', 'Roads', 'Route', 'Row', 'Rue', 'Run', 'Shoal', 'Shoals',
'Shore', 'Shores', 'Skyway', 'Spring', 'Springs', 'Spur', 'Spurs',
'Square', 'Squares', 'Station', 'Stravenue', 'Stream', 'Street',
'Streets', 'Summit', 'Terrace', 'Throughway', 'Trace', 'Track',
'Trafficway', 'Trail', 'Trailer', 'Tunnel', 'Turnpike', 'Underpass',
'Union', 'Unions', 'Valley', 'Valleys', 'Viaduct', 'View', 'Views',
'Village', 'Villages', 'Ville', 'Vista', 'Walk', 'Walks', 'Wall', 'Way'
'Ways', 'Well', 'Wells'
def get_name_starting_with_letter(letter='j'):
name = None
while name is None or name[0].lower() != letter.lower():
name = names.get_first_name()
return name
def get_street_suffix():
return random.sample(STREET_SUFFIXES, 1)[0]
if __name__ == "__main__":
print(' '.join((get_name_starting_with_letter('j'), get_street_suffix())))
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