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Last active November 14, 2021 05:30
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import express from "express";
import graphqlHTTP from "express-graphql";
import { expressPlayground } from "graphql-playground-middleware";
import { applyMiddleware } from "graphql-middleware";
//import file of the above code snippet
import graphqlMiddleware from "../utils/middlewares/graphqlMiddleware.js";
import Schema from "../schema/index.js";
// Apply the middleware
const schemaWithMiddleware = applyMiddleware(Schema, graphqlMiddleware);
const router = express.Router();
graphqlHTTP((req) => ({
context: req.headers.context ? req.headers.context : "{}",
schema: schemaWithMiddleware, -> Registering the SchemaWithMiddlware
rootValue: global,
graphiql: process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production",
formatError(err) {
return {
code: false,
"Oh no! Looks like we're facing an issue. :( Please try again in a few moments!",
exactMessage: err.message,
export default router;
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