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Having a straight table chart in QlikView with $Field as dimension to count the occurances of values per field. The given expression creates a nested if()-function like this: if($Field='FieldName1',count(FieldName1),if($Field='FieldName2',count(FieldName2), ... etc. Hint: Concat() aggregation function seems to be the only one which works with $F…
// expression for count($Field), no leading '=':
$(=concat(TOTAL 'if($Field=' & chr(39) & $Field & chr(39) & ',count([' & $Field & '])', ',') & concat(TOTAL right($Field&')',1)))
// expression for count(DISTINCT $Field):

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@bleblesjo bleblesjo commented Feb 18, 2015

Excellent post. Just what I was looking for!

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