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Bypass Wordpress Localhost FTP Connection Information
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educationproj commented Aug 1, 2013

BIG Like .. thank you so much for this solution

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flangofas commented Oct 28, 2013

Most of the people recommend to set only the file permissions correctly and don't mention the define constant in config file which is also important.

thanks for sharing! :)

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tuannguyenminh2086 commented Nov 21, 2013

big thanks :)

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scnaughton commented Dec 18, 2013

Awesome! Thank you so much! After about an hour of searching I found this and it worked "like a charm"

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robmint commented Jan 6, 2014

BIG thanks I couldn't figure out what was going on, even though the permissions said writable.

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cristianosoy commented Apr 16, 2014

Thanks you so mucho!.


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shaekuronen commented Feb 5, 2015

Yep, works great, thanks!

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pineladsn commented Aug 26, 2015

wow :3
It worked perfectly! Tnx! :)

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Johngitonga commented Sep 30, 2016

Thanks for this!

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ChocLawrence commented Apr 26, 2017

Great thanks.Worked in one go.

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