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Last active April 19, 2021 19:21
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Custom Dynamic Validation Rules for Laravel 5.5+

This gist will help understand custom (artisan make:rule MyRule) dynamic (rules that require more context than just the attribute and value) validation rules for Laravel 5.5+.

namespace App\Rules;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Validation\Rule;
class StringIsLengthRule implements Rule
protected $length;
protected $message = 'The string must be greater than the length';
public function __construct($length)
$this->length = $length;
public function passes($attribute, $value)
if (!$this->length || $this->length <= 0) {
$this->message = 'The length has to be greater than zero to validate the string';
return false;
return strlen($value) > $this->length;
public function message()
return $this->message;
namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use App\Http\Requests\StringTesterRequest;
class StringTesterController extends Controller
public function form()
* Assume the form is:
* <form method="POST" action="/string-tester">
* {{ csrf_field() }}
* Length: <input name="length"><br>
* String: <input name="string"><br>
* <button>Submit</button>
* </form>
return view('form');
public function process(StringTesterRequest $request)
// reshow form, the form also has dump($request) in it for demonstration
return view('form', compact('request'));
namespace App\Http\Requests;
use App\Rules\StringIsLengthRule;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest;
class StringTesterRequest extends FormRequest
public function authorize()
return true;
public function rules()
$rules = [
'length' => 'required|numeric',
'string' => [
new StringIsLengthRule($this->request->get('length'))
return $rules;
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