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Last active Feb 24, 2022
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vterm completion for files, directories, command history and programs names
(use-package vterm
(defun get-full-list ()
(let ((program-list (split-string (shell-command-to-string "compgen -c") "\n" t ))
(file-directory-list (split-string (shell-command-to-string "compgen -f") "\n" t ))
(history-list (with-temp-buffer
(insert-file-contents "~/.bash_history")
(split-string (buffer-string) "\n" t))))
(delete-dups (append program-list file-directory-list history-list))))
(defun vterm-completion-choose-item ()
(completing-read "Choose: " (get-full-list) nil nil (thing-at-point 'word 'no-properties)))
(defun vterm-completion ()
(let ((vterm-chosen-item (vterm-completion-choose-item)))
(when (thing-at-point 'word)
(vterm-send-string vterm-chosen-item)))
(defun vterm-directory-sync ()
"Synchronize current working directory."
(when vterm--process
(let* ((pid (process-id vterm--process))
(dir (file-truename (format "/proc/%d/cwd/" pid))))
(setq default-directory dir))))
(:states 'insert
:keymaps 'vterm-mode-map
"<tab>" 'vterm-completion))
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ram535 commented Aug 1, 2021

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danieljamesross commented Feb 24, 2022

This is great, thanks. For those that don't use general.el (like me) I replaced lines 31-34 in my config with the following:

:bind (:map vterm-mode-map ("<tab>" . 'vterm-completion)))

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