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import os
from typing import Any
from apistar import App, Route, http
from apistar.codecs.multipart import MultiPartCodec
from werkzeug.datastructures import FileStorage
UPLOAD_FOLDER = os.path.join('.', 'uploads')
PORT = 8080
def build_response(success: bool = False, error: str = None, data: Any = None):
result = {
'success': success,
'error': error,
'data': data
return result
def upload(request: http.Request, body: http.Body) -> dict:
md = MultiPartCodec().decode(body, dict(request.headers))
file_storage: FileStorage = md.get('file')
filename = os.path.join(UPLOAD_FOLDER, str(file_storage.filename))
return build_response(success=True, data="Upload complete")
except Exception as all_exceptions:
return build_response(error=str(all_exceptions))
routes = [
Route('/upload', method='POST', handler=upload),
app = App(routes=routes)
if __name__ == '__main__':
app.serve('', 5000, debug=False)
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