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looking for impossible task


looking for impossible task
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rambkk / replaceHole.js
Last active November 6, 2021 08:01
Javascript holes in array - iterate array with holes, replaceing holes in array, creating holes, and deleting holes in array
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Javascript holes in array or array with holes, how to iterate, detect, replace, and delete
['a',,'c'] is NOT SAME as ['a',undefined,'c']
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rambkk / PHP-array_reduce,findIndex,findIndexes.php
Last active November 11, 2021 09:29
PHP array_reduce, findIndex, and findIndexes functions
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* PHP array_reduce_key (v0.11) - array_reduce with additional parameters
* array_reduce with key,
* (javascript like reduce method)
* (if initial value of carry is not specified, null is used)
* PHP array_reduce_JS (v0.12) - array_reduce with additional parameters
* (javascript like reduce method)
* if initial value of carry is not specified, first item of input ARRAY is used, and CALLBACK starts on the second item