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Meta Gist

  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS queries
  • CartoCSS styles
  • CARTO.js blocks
  • DI.js blocks
  • Leaflet.js blocks
  • Other blocks
  • Others

PostgreSQL and PostGIS queries

How to convert month number to month strings with PostgreSQL conditionals,
How to calculate Shannon Diversity Index with PostgreSQL, PostGIS and CARTO,
Obtener geometrías de los datos brutos de,
Update several columns from CARTO geocoding,
Routing Analysis with CARTO geocoding functions,
Generic CartoCSS style,
CartoCSS style based on zoom,
Torque + choropleth clusters,
How to make colored bubbles with CartoCSS,
How to style Madrid metro lines using Turbo Carto,
How to transform coordinates from UTM30 ED50 to WSG84,
How to get the list of tables of CARTO user,
Stacking Chips v2 SQL query & CartoCSS Style,
How to transform two date and hour columns to one timestamp column,
Stacking Chips SQL query,
How to use CARTO cdb_route_with_waypoints function,
Select and count points within a polygon,
Getting the overlapping geometries from the same layer,
How to find duplicate values with PostgreSQL,
Routing Query & Styles with CARTO's Location Data Services API,
SQL & CartoCSS for routing,
Selecting stations within a minimun distance of 100m from the L1 metro line,
Selecting stations which intersect with a 100m buffer of the L1 metro line,
Filtering by (string) range

CartoCSS styles

Stacking chips + zoom based styling,
TurboCARTO <> CartoCSS,
Zoom Based Styling,
Mamata's 50 hexcode colors,
building-fill + Turbo Carto,
How to create overlapping category and bubble maps with CartoCSS,
How to create category + bubble maps with Turbo Carto,
CARTO Torque + Proportional Symbols + choropleth style,
Torque bubble + chroropleth Map Viz Style,
How to hide and show layers with CartoCSS based on zoom,
CARTO Torque + choropleth style,
Category points CartoCSS style,
Points style,
Torque Bubble + Color CartoCSS Style,
Make the Madrid Metro map as a category map coloring metro lines according to their real colors

CARTO.js blocks (https fixes needed)

CARTO.js + Highchart.js,
Searchbox + Dropdown menu + CARTO.js,
How to display a Raster layer in CARTO,
How to store and paint data with CARTO and Leaflet,
Madrid Accessibility with CARTO,
Dropdown menu selector layer with CARTO.js,
How to add markers to a CARTO map,
How to add an image to a CARTO infowindow,
CartoDB basic viewer,
2 x createLayer + layerSource + tooltips with CARTO.js,
createLayer + layerSource + IW with CARTO.js,
setCartoCSS with CARTO.js,
Datepicker + CARTO.js,
How to add/remove legend with CARTO.js,
How to remove a CARTO layer interactivity + GMs,
Set Legend within createVis,
createLayer + set SQL query with CARTO.js,
createVis + setSQL with CARTO.js,
CreateLayer and set CartoCSS + SQL,
Training: createVis() example with CartoDB.js,
How to make a choropleth map with CartoDB.js,
Straight Lines vs Great Circles with CartoDB.js,
CreateVis with customized options,
How to combine toggle map views with infowindows in CartoDB.js,
Create layer, add two sublayers and get sublayers,
How to add a GMaps Basemap with CartoDB.js,
A simple visualization with CartoDB.js,
Set sublayer options with CartoDB.js,
Points to Line with a fake cartodb_id,
Points to Line with CartoDB.js,
How to make a fixed infobox with CartoDB.js,
Change background color,
How to make 3D buildings with CartoCSS,
How to make a map of the Antartica,
How to add a Singapore basemap in Leaflet,
Reset Zoom Buttom with CartoDB.js,
How to get your Labels to stand out with CartoDB.js,
Stacking Points at Street Level with CartoDB.js,
CartoDB.js: Remove layer from GMaps,
Category torque visualization,
Sentiment torque visualization,
a bootstrap template made by the cartodb-generator,
a simple template made by the cartodb-generator

DI.js blocks (WIP)

How to add autostyling to a category widget with CARTO,
How to reset the view in a CARTO dashboard v2,
How to reset the view in a CARTO dashboard,
Dashboard | ServiGIS Tuna,
How to add and remove widgets in a CartoDB dashboard,
Deep-Insights.js | createCartoDBLayer,
Deep-Insights.js with 2 Layers,
DI Dashboard | World Glucose Measures,
DeepInsights.js + Turbo-Carto,
How to add a formula, histogram & category widget to a dashboard using deepinsights.js

Leaflet.js blocks

Getting coordinates from a Leaflet map,
How to make a cluster map with Leaflet.js,
How to make your markers move with Leaflet.js,
How to make a choropleth map with Leaflet.js,
How to create an interactive heatmap with Leaflet.js,
Interaction and styling GeoJSON with Leaflet.js,
Adding or moving markers on a Leaflet map,
Add Simple Geometries with Leaflet

Other blocks

How to draw D3 maps from a dropdown menu,
D3.js basic example,
How to add a CARTO basemap with ArcGIS API v4,
How to add a CARTO basemap with ArcGIS API


Como hacer el mapa de Geología de España (Península Ibérica y Baleares) con CARTO BUILDER,
CARTO Viewer Workshop,
TURBO CARTO - The good, the handsome and the turbo.,
Named map template for a routing static map,
List of CARTO dashboard and widgets blocks

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