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foo@bar:~/src/quadtree$ redis-cli zcard x
(integer) 100000
foo@bar:~/src/quadtree$ redis-cli zcard y
(integer) 100000
foo@bar:~/src/quadtree$ redis-cli hlen qt
(integer) 56325
foo@bar:~/src/quadtree$ redis-cli script load "`cat rqtih.lua`"
foo@bar:~/src/quadtree$ redis-benchmark -n 100 -r 1000000 evalsha 84f91fddf261e9a2ef14ff4b417443eed3dc4b2b 3 x y tmp zquery __rand_int__ __rand_int__ __rand_int__ __rand_int__
====== evalsha 84f91fddf261e9a2ef14ff4b417443eed3dc4b2b 3 x y tmp zquery __rand_int__ __rand_int__ __rand_int__ __rand_int__ ======
miketheman /
Created Jul 22, 2013
Adding nodes to a ZooKeeper ensemble

Adding 2 nodes to an existing 3-node ZooKeeper ensemble without losing the Quorum

Since many deployments may start out with 3 nodes and so little is known about how to grow a cluster from 3 memebrs to 5 members without losing the existing Quorum, here is an example of how this might be achieved.

In this example, all 5 nodes will be running on the same Vagrant host for the purpose of illustration, running on distinct configurations (ports and data directories) without the actual load of clients.

YMMV. Caveat usufructuarius.

Step 1: Have a healthy 3-node ensemble