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(defun c++-type-at (point)
"Use semantic to determine the fully namespace-qualified type of the symbol at POINT."
(interactive "d")
(let* ((ctxt (semantic-analyze-current-context point))
(pf (reverse (oref ctxt prefix)))
(lastname (pop pf))
(tag (if (semantic-tag-p lastname) lastname (car pf)))
(names (append
(when (semantic-tag-p tag)
(when (semantic-tag-with-position-p tag)
(set-buffer (semantic-tag-buffer tag))
(semantic-go-to-tag tag)
(mapcar 'semantic-tag-name (semantic-analyze-scope-nested-tags (point) nil))
(list (if (semantic-tag-p lastname) (semantic-tag-name lastname) lastname))
(message (mapconcat 'concat names "::"))
(defvar c++-doco-sources
'(("std::" . "")
("boost::" . "")
(defun semantic-browse-c++-doc (point)
"Browse the documentation for the C++ symbol at POINT."
(interactive "d")
(let* ((cpptype (c++-type-at point))
(ref (car (cl-member-if (lambda (S) (string-prefix-p (car S) cpptype)) c++-doco-sources))))
(unless ref
(error "No documentation source found for %s" cpptype))
(browse-url (format (cdr ref) cpptype))
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