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Ross Andrews randrews

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View .tmux.conf
# This tmux.conf only works with tmux 2.3
# Also you'll really want to install xclip
# Change prefix key to C-a, like screen
set -g prefix C-a
bind C-a send-prefix
unbind C-b
# C-a r to easily reload conf
bind r source-file ~/.tmux.conf \; display "Loaded ~/.tmux.conf"
View forge_v1.lua
lpeg = require('lpeg')
-- # Forge Compiler
-- Being a compiler for Forge, a high-level language for the Vulcan computer.
-- ## Parser
-- This iterates over the tokens and line numbers in a file.
-- Pass in an iterator over lines of source (like from io.lines) and
-- successive calls will yield successive tokens.
View save-scraper.lua
ARGV = { ... }
json = require('json')
version = 0
user_agent = string.format("'lua:save-scraper:v%s (by /u/randrews)'", version)
username = ARGV[1]
password = ARGV[2]
twofactor_code = ARGV[3]
View lcd.bas
Dim control_port As Short
control_port = 0x80 'Reset high, everything else low
Put 2, control_port
Dim io_mode As Short
io_mode = 0b10000010 'Ports A and C (both halves) output, B input
Dim lcd_input As Boolean
lcd_input = True 'Ignore this
Call setlcdinput(False)
View calc.js
const next = (n) => [
(n * 10) + 1,
n + 12,
n * 13,
Math.floor(n / 10),
parseInt(n.toString().split('').reverse().join(''), 10)
const open = [0];
const goal = 196;
View main.c
void init_lcd();
void set_xy(char row, char col, char chip);
void draw_sprite(const char const *sprite, char chip);
void asm_helpers();
const char CS2 = 0x10;
const char CS1 = 0x08;
const char arrow[8] = {
import re
class Bot:
def __init__(self, group, low, high):
self._queue = []
self._low_target = low
self._high_target = high
self._group = group
import re
from functools import *
def read_file(filename):
with open(filename) as f:
return f.readline()
def decompressed_string(str, version=1):
import io, re
def read_instructions(filename):
file =
rect_pat = re.compile('rect (\d+)x(\d+)')
row_pat = re.compile('rotate row y=(\d+) by (\d+)')
col_pat = re.compile('rotate column x=(\d+) by (\d+)')
instructions = []
View day21.rb
def flipx(arr)
def flipy(arr)
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