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db = 'test.db'
table = 'Table'
releaseLabel = "releaseLabel"
applicationString = "applicationString"
account = "account"
creationDate = "creationDate"
def create_table(overwrite: bool):
if overwrite and table_exists(table):
with sqlite3.connect(db) as conn:
conn.execute("drop table {}".format(table))
with sqlite3.connect(db) as conn:
conn.execute('''create table JobFlow(
accountId text,
releaseLabel text,
applicationString text,
creationDateTime text
def table_exists(table: str) -> bool:
with sqlite3.connect(db) as conn:
conn.execute("select * from {} limit 1".format(table))
print("Table DOES exists ")
return True
except sqlite3.OperationalError as e:
print("Table DOES NOT exist")
return False
def populate_table():
values = [('12345', 'emr-5.10.0',json.dumps([{"Name": "Hive", "Version": "1.2.1"}]),"2019-01-01 00:00:01Z"),
('12345', 'emr-5.11.0',json.dumps([{"Name": "Spark", "Version": "1.2.2"}]),"2019-01-01 00:00:05Z"),
('12345', 'emr-5.12.0',json.dumps([{"Name": "Hbase", "Version": "1.2.2"},{"Name": "Hive", "Version": "1.2.1"}]),"2019-01-01 00:00:15Z"),
('12345', 'emr-5.10.0',json.dumps([{"Name": "Hive", "Version": "1.2.3"}]),"2019-01-01 00:00:29Z")]
with sqlite3.connect(db) as conn:
conn.executemany("insert into {} values(?,?, ?, ?)".format(table),values)
def query_table():
with sqlite3.connect(db) as conn:
for row in conn.execute("select * from {}".format(table)):
for row in conn.execute("select count(*), releaseLabel from {} group by releaseLabel".format(table)):
for row in conn.execute("select releaseLabel from {}".format(table)):
for row in conn.execute("select accountId, count(*) from {} group by accountId".format(table)):
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