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@ranrib ranrib/event.json
Created Jul 10, 2018

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AWS SQS event trigger to Lambda function
"Records": [
"messageId": "74140753-924c-4084-8a74-768b6a33e982",
"receiptHandle": "AQEBRb3GKquMc9HvQSh9GDZ++ETxyjxN45wtOB449zvUlUlaBmoxyhXhr5QWyVNoUyvytHvz5GFfeZq/Af4SpBYe6j85T0rYi/TA+690UXJuv3Vc/U9ql5NLHdLSmvqvsQDVXi7TWzcX0ER+",
"body": "test",
"attributes": {
"ApproximateReceiveCount": "1",
"SentTimestamp": "1531136255184",
"SenderId": "AROAJ3ZGMT746QFJO6ZL4:sqs-lambda-tutorial-production-start-lambda",
"ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp": "1531136255219"
"messageAttributes": {
"md5OfBody": "098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6",
"eventSource": "aws:sqs",
"eventSourceARN": "arn:aws:sqs:<region>:<account>:TutorialSQS",
"awsRegion": "<region>"
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