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Laravel Forge deploy script without downtime
# stop script on error signal
set -e
# remove old deployment folders
if [ -d "/home/forge/deploy" ]; then
rm -R /home/forge/deploy
if [ -d "/home/forge/backup" ]; then
rm -R /home/forge/backup
cp -R /home/forge/default /home/forge/deploy
# Update
cd /home/forge/deploy
git pull origin master
composer install
php artisan migrate --force
# Switch (downtime for microseconds)
mv /home/forge/default /home/forge/backup
mv /home/forge/deploy /home/forge/default
# Reset opcache
echo "<?php opcache_reset(); echo 'opcache reset' . PHP_EOL; ?>" > /home/forge/default/public/opcachereset.php
curl http://localhost/opcachereset.php
rm /home/forge/default/public/opcachereset.php

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dolbex commented May 7, 2018

God, I hate comments like this @olivedev. You also pay for those services.....

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