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View muffin.theme.bash
#!/usr/bin/env bash
txtblk='\[\e[0;30m\]' # Black
txtred='\[\e[0;31m\]' # Red
txtgrn='\[\e[0;32m\]' # Green
txtylw='\[\e[0;33m\]' # Yellow
txtblu='\[\e[0;34m\]' # Blue
txtpur='\[\e[0;35m\]' # Purple
txtcyn='\[\e[0;36m\]' # Cyan
txtwht='\[\e[0;37m\]' # White
raphaelhanneken / ruby_do_end.sublime-snippet
Created Sep 22, 2015
Sublime Text snippet for ruby's do...end block.
View ruby_do_end.sublime-snippet
raphaelhanneken / navbar_link_helper.rb
Created Sep 8, 2015
Creates a link wrapped in a list element, including class="active" for the currently active element.
View navbar_link_helper.rb
raphaelhanneken / NSImageExtensions.swift
Last active Aug 18, 2022
NSImage extensions for easy resizing, cropping and saving png images.
View NSImageExtensions.swift
// NSImageExtensions.swift
import Cocoa
extension NSImage {
/// The height of the image.
var height: CGFloat {
raphaelhanneken / DragAndDropImageView.swift
Last active Apr 30, 2021
NSImageView with drag and drop capabilities written in Swift.
View DragAndDropImageView.swift
// DragAndDropImageView.swift
// Iconizer
import Cocoa
class DragDropImageView: NSImageView, NSDraggingSource {
/// Holds the last mouse down event, to track the drag distance.