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Lock screen on suspend - i3 - /etc/systemd/system/
Description=User suspend actions
User=rzi # Replace with your user id - %I does not work somehow :/
ExecStart=/usr/bin/blurlock # Or i3lock
ExecStartPost=/usr/bin/sleep 1

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reverendhomer commented Oct 6, 2017

ExecStartPost=/usr/bin/sleep 1

Why do you need this?


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rbran commented Dec 28, 2017

@reverendhomer There is a note in

As screen lockers may return before the screen is "locked", the screen may flash on resuming from suspend. Adding a small delay via ExecStartPost=/usr/bin/sleep 1 helps prevent this.


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kenoh commented Jan 27, 2018

%I would work if the service file name ended with @.service instead of .service. Then, you can enable it for a user: systemctl enable myservice@username.service.

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