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@raphsabb raphsabb/lh
Created Jan 15, 2009

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This is my first contribution to the ubiquity project. I always find myself performing google searches for lifehacker articles that I've read, or, that I'm looking for. With this command, my search is a keyboard-only 3 step process. Thank you ubiquity!
name: "lh",
author: { name: "Raphael Sabbat", homepage: ""},
'eg. <i>"lh ubiquity"</i>' + '<br />' +
'eg. <i>"lh ubuntu"</i>' + '<br />' +
'eg. <i>"lh hive five"</i>',
url: "{QUERY}",
icon: "",
description: "Search <a href=\"\"></a> for the given words.",
preview: function(pBlock, directObj) {
if (directObj.text)
pBlock.innerHtml = "Searches for " + directObj.text;
pBlock.innerHTML = "Searches for the given words.";
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