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Script for packaging and deployment of ASP.NET applications to IIS via Web Deploment Tools
Properties {
$Build_dir = Split-Path $psake.build_script_file
$Packages_dir = Join-Path $build_dir 'Packages'
$MsDeploy_dir = Join-Path $env:ProgramFiles 'IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy'
$SiteName = ''
$Package = "$"
$Dest = ''
$UserName = 'IIS User Name'
$Pwd = 'Secret Password'
Task Deploy {
Deploy-Package "$build_dir\Web\Web.csproj" Release $Package $Dest $SiteName $UserName $Pwd
function Deploy-Package {
param($Project, $Configuration, $PkgLocation, $DestServer, $SiteName, $UserName, $Password)
Write-Host Cleaning project files -ForegroundColor Cyan
Exec { MsBuild $Project /t:Clean /p:Configuration=$Configuration /v:q }
Write-Host "Staring building project $Project" -ForegroundColor Cyan
Exec { MsBuild $Project /t:Build /p:Configuration=$Configuration /v:q }
Write-Host "Starting packaging project $Project" -ForegroundColor Cyan
Exec { MsBuild $Project /t:Package /p:Configuration=$Configuration /p:PackageLocation=$PkgLocation /v:m }
Write-Host "Starting deployment site $SiteName to $DestServer" -ForegroundColor Cyan
$serverUrl = "https://${DestServer}:8172/msdeploy.axd?site=$SiteName"
$dest = "auto,computerName=$serverUrl,username=$UserName,password=$Password,authtype=basic"
Exec { & $MsDeploy_Dir\MsDeploy -verb:sync -source:package=$PkgLocation -dest:$dest -allowUntrusted }



Great stuff

How would you deal wih a space in the source path i.e. $build_dir\deploy this\web


It is quoted, it should just work.


Unfortunately msdeploy doesn't handle spaces in path when invoked from powershell even though Exec command tries to quote them. I tried many thinkable solutions how to escape/quote paths with space, but I had to use this nasty solution to workaround the problem:

Exec { cmd.exe /C $("msdeploy.exe -verb:sync -source:contentPath="{0}" -dest:package="{1}\{2}.zip"" -f $destinationDir, $destinationBackupDir, $backupFileName ) }

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