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Script that creates subtitles (closed captions) for all MP4 video files in your current directory
# Sebastian Raschka 09/24/2022
# Create a new conda environment and packages
# conda create -n whisper python=3.9
# conda activate whisper
# conda install mlxtend -c conda-forge
# Install ffmpeg
# macOS & homebrew
# brew install ffmpeg
# Ubuntu
# sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
# Install whisper
# from repo
# pip install git+
import os
import os.path as osp
from mlxtend.file_io import find_files
from mlxtend.utils import Counter
all_videos = find_files(substring=".mp4", path="./", recursive=True)
print("Example path:", all_videos[0])
print("Number of videos to process:", len(all_videos))
audio_outdir = "./extracted_audio"
subtitle_outdir = "./generated_subtitles"
for this_dir in (audio_outdir, subtitle_outdir):
if not osp.exists(this_dir):
cnt = Counter()
for v in all_videos:
base, ext = osp.splitext(v)
aac_file_out = osp.join(audio_outdir, osp.basename(base)) + ".aac"
# exctract audio file from video
os.system(f"ffmpeg -i {v} -vn -acodec copy {aac_file_out} ")
f"whisper {aac_file_out} --model medium --language English --output_dir {subtitle_outdir} --verbose False"
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