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HC-SR04 ultrasone sensor
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Control HC-SR04 ultrasone sensor from Raspberry Pi
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO #Import GPIO library
import time #Import time library
GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) #Set GPIO pin numbering
TRIG = 23 #Associate pin 23 to TRIG
ECHO = 24 #Associate pin 24 to ECHO
print "Distance measurement in progress"
GPIO.setup(TRIG,GPIO.OUT) #Set pin as GPIO out
GPIO.setup(ECHO,GPIO.IN) #Set pin as GPIO in
while True:
GPIO.output(TRIG, False) #Set TRIG as LOW
print "Waiting Sensor To Settle"
time.sleep(2) #Delay of 2 seconds
GPIO.output(TRIG, True) #Set TRIG as HIGH
time.sleep(0.00001) #Delay of 0.00001 seconds
GPIO.output(TRIG, False) #Set TRIG as LOW
while GPIO.input(ECHO)==0: #Check whether the ECHO is LOW
pulse_start = time.time() #Saves the last known time of LOW pulse
while GPIO.input(ECHO)==1: #Check whether the ECHO is HIGH
pulse_end = time.time() #Saves the last known time of HIGH pulse
pulse_duration = pulse_end - pulse_start #Get pulse duration to a variable
distance = pulse_duration * 17150 #Multiply pulse duration by 17150 to get distance
distance = round(distance, 2) #Round to two decimal points
if distance > 2 and distance < 400: #Check whether the distance is within range
print "Distance:",distance - 0.5,"cm" #Print distance with 0.5 cm calibration
print "Out Of Range" #display out of range
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raspberrytipsnl commented Feb 2, 2017

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