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Let's encrypt script to retrieve and upload keys/certificates to Payara
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from pathlib import Path
from os import path
from subprocess import call, check_call, CalledProcessError
import argparse
WEB_ROOT_PATH=Path(path.expanduser("~")) / "payara_le_war"
def kill_process():
def make_output_dir(dir_path) -> Path:
dir_path.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True)
def create_le_war():
make_output_dir(WEB_ROOT_PATH / "WEB-INF")
def restart_listener(listener_name):
check_call([ASADMIN_PATH, "set", "" % listener_name])
check_call([ASADMIN_PATH, "set", "" % listener_name])
def upload_keypair(key_path, cert_path, alias, gf_domain=None):
check_call([ASADMIN_PATH, "add-pkcs8", "--destalias", alias, "--priv-key-path", key_path, "--cert-chain-path", cert_path])
def configure_listener_alias(listener_name, alias):
check_call([ASADMIN_PATH, "set", "" % (listener_name, alias)])
def update_cert(listener_name, alias, domains):
# Glassfish must be running for this to work
result_code = 0
check_call([ASADMIN_PATH, "deploy", "--name", APP_NAME, "--force", "--contextroot", "/", WEB_ROOT_PATH])
certbot_call_args = ["certbot", "certonly", "--webroot", "-w", WEB_ROOT_PATH]
for d in domains:
certbot_call_args += ["-d", d]
# retrieve the keys/certificates produced by LE
key_path = LE_LIVE_PATH / domains[0] / "privkey.pem"
cert_path = LE_LIVE_PATH / domains[0] / "fullchain.pem"
upload_keypair(key_path, cert_path, alias)
except CalledProcessError:
# certificate update failed
result_code = 1
check_call([ASADMIN_PATH, "undeploy", APP_NAME])
return result_code
if __name__=="__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Payara Let's Encrypt integration script. This script deploys an empty WAR, calls (and requires) certbot "
"to retrieve your certificate and uploads the certificate to the default keystore of the Payara domain. In addition, this script configures the listener "
"with the given alias and restarts it (the listener only, not the whole domain), so that the new certificate is effective. Afterwards the WAR is undeployed. "
"CertBot requires root, and as a consequence, so does this script.")
parser.add_argument('-d','--domain', action="append", help="The name of the domain the certificate will be bound too. You may use this arg multiple times", required=True)
parser.add_argument('-l','--listener', help="HTTP Listener's name. By default http-listener-2", required=False, default="http-listener-2")
parser.add_argument('-a','--alias', help="The alias that is used to import the keypar and the listener will be configured to use this alias. "
"The default is constructed like: 'le_{listener}'", required=False)
args = parser.parse_args()
alias = "le_" + args.domain[0] if args.alias is None else args.alias
code = update_cert(args.listener, alias, args.domain)
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