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Saving component state in LocalStorage in Sencha Architect
Create a function init under Application and add the below code to initialze a state provider to store states of different components
in the browser's local storage.
// initialize state provided for saving component states
Add the below two configs to the component you want to save the state for.
stateful: true,
stateId: "statefulComponentId" // "any meaningful name"+"id" for the component, e.g. searchResultsGridId
Known issue (until extjs 6.0):
Adding state to a grid panel which is using a buffered store (usually used to create infintely scrollable grid) breaks the working
of store.
// intentionally overriding applyState due to a bug in which does not allow autoLoad false with stateful grids. Now compromising with not saving sort field and direction
// for the grid state
// Bug details here -->
var me = this,
stateSorters = state.sorters,
stateFilters = state.filters,
stateGrouper = state.grouper;
if (stateSorters) {
// don't apply the sorters state to prevent the auto load of this buffered store
// me.getSorters().replaceAll(stateSorters); <-- this is the only changed line
if (stateFilters) {
// We found persisted filters so let's save stateful filters from this point forward.
me.saveStatefulFilters = true;
if (stateGrouper) {
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