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# eq.js: minimalistic equation evaluator.
eq(str, vars)
- evaluate variables in the `vars` object
- `str` can use any `Math` function or property: round, ceil, max, E
eq('round(test / 2)', { test: 5 }) // 3
eq('floor(test / 2)', { test: 5 }) // 2
eq('2 + 2') // 4
eq('cos(PI)') // -1
Handy amongst other things for CLI node programs that accept numbers.
(function (g) {
function eq (input, vars) {
try {
return eval('with(Math){with(vars || {}){' + input + '}}');
} catch (e) {
return NaN;
}; ? g.eq = eq : module.exports = eq;

Since security isn't a concern, why not just remove the requirement for the $ and use two withs? eq('round(x / 2)', { x:5 }) seems more natural to me.


Good point, at first I was concerned about collisions but there aren't that many props in Math:

Math.E                     Math.LN10                  Math.LN2                   Math.LOG10E                Math.LOG2E                 Math.PI                    Math.SQRT1_2               Math.SQRT2                 Math.abs                   Math.acos                  Math.asin                  Math.atan                  Math.atan2
Math.ceil                  Math.cos                   Math.exp                   Math.floor                 Math.log                   Math.max                   Math.min                   Math.pow                   Math.random                Math.round                 Math.sin                   Math.sqrt                  Math.tan
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