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HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.98 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.98 Release notes

The 1.6.98 HuBoard Enterprise package release in now available for download from

Check out the git diff on GitHub


  • Added 'assign yourself' link to assignee fly-out #112
  • Adds notifiers via flash message that respond to the issue event queue #111
  • Adds sidekiq worker #115
  • Adds the sidekiq UI secured by a GitHub team #120
  • Implements issue labeled events #121
  • Conventionalizes job names and event subscriptions for assigned and unassigned events #123

Security fixes

  • [URGENT] Adds authentication to all faye subscriptions #114

Bug fixes

  • Fixes an issue with subscription parsing when repos have dots in the name #116
  • Properly handles missing columns on linked boards in the settings/links page #129
  • Disregards global error handling on the subscriptions endpoint #118
  • Tweaks the notifiers for label/unlabeled events #125
  • Fixes word wrap problem inside comment boxes #124
  • [URGENT] Fixes team member filtering not working properly #126
  • [URGENT] Fixes a bug causing exceptions while publishing server messages to connected boards if the repository name contained a . #128
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