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HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.107 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.107 Release notes

The 1.6.107 HuBoard Enterprise package release in now available for download from

Check out the git diff on GitHub

HuBoard Enterprise only

  • Adds configuration for server-side encrypted s3 uploads #161


  • Improves the UX around closing issues on fullscreen issue view #163
  • Allows label constraints for issues on linked repos #154
  • Emoji parsing for commit references #143
  • Hides the X icon completely from the filters #151
  • Allows collaborators to edit eachothers comments (as per github norm) #152

Bug fixes

  • Fixes client-side publishing bug introduced when splitting the initializers off #137
  • Fixes column sorting for column indexes greater than 9 #132
  • Fixes commit references from external repos causing exceptions #133
  • Fixes issue breadcrumbs not always staying in sync #140
  • Ensures the sort queue only clears out items that have been processed #136
  • Ensure the commit references load the correct resource from the API #141
  • Fixes Chrome related render bug for label overflowing label selectors #156
  • Addresses issues with zero order being un-sortable (and pathogenic) #170
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