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HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.116 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.116 Release notes

The 1.6.116 HuBoard Enterprise package release in now available for download from

Check out the git diff on GitHub


  • Adds email collection on HuBoard logins #182
  • Adds the list hover background back #203
  • Makes Hipchat integration avatars Enterprise friendly #239
  • Makes Slack integration avatars Enterprise friendly #238
  • Preparation work for sending application emails #242

Bug fixes

  • Adds word-break to issue fullscreen as well #199
  • Changes incorrect key for zero order fix with milestone orders #174
  • Consistent word break handling #205 #202 #199 #631
  • Disables the copy parent board until we have time to fix the issue properly #188
  • Falls back to an avatar on S3 for enterprise slack avatars #241
  • Fixes issue event job fails tied to a Rails upgrade #225
  • Fixes missing status on column breadcrumbs #204
  • Fullscreen breadcrumbs for linked issues is not working from the parent repository #187
  • Guard against missing primary email #196
  • Important display problems since we installed HB:E v1.6.107 #631
  • Important display problems since we installed HB:E v1.6.107 #631
  • Moves over the modal-close x to account for scroll bars #185
  • Prevent opening the issue modal when clicking on the issue link #197
  • Resolves gemspec deprecation warnings on the Rails engine and Faye Extensions #213

Infrastructure changes

  • Adds active users reporting over the last 30 days
  • Adds basic usages metrics for the last 30 days
  • Adds support for custom /etc/hosts aliases for customers running HuBoard behind a load balancer or reverse proxy
  • Adds support for hosting HuBoard in a VPC behind a reverse proxy with local AWS IP addresses
  • Bump Rails version to 4.2.4 #237 #217
  • Fixes a server issue making websockets and realtime messages unreliable
  • Fixes an issue preventing new configuration settings being changed if AWS S3 setting were missing
  • Fixes an issue with the upgrade process in the ~/setup application that was causing the loading bar to hang and get stuck
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