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Ryan Rauh rauhryan

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This chart shows a histogram of a log-normal distribution of time durations. The data is randomly generated: each value is a number representing a duration measured in minutes. The values are then binned at regular intervals using D3’s histogram layout. A custom tick format for the x-axis converts these numbers to dates before passing them through a d3.time.format. The x-axis uses a linear scale, such that the tick values appear in-between bars; this provides better indication that each bar represents the count of values between its surrounding tick values.

See also this histogram of an Irwin–Hall distribution.

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(function($,window) {
// doc ready
$(this).change(function() {
url: "url",
data: {
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function callAjax(){
url: "url",
data: {
value: "derp"
dataType: "json",
success: function(data){
//do stuffs
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// avoid duplicate primitives, use an object instead
// Func<string, string, bool, bool, bool> becomes Func<Foo, bool>
public class Foo
public string ErrorMessage {get;set;}
public string SuccessMessage {get;set;}
public static bool dynamicMethodGeneration(Func<Foo, bool> success, Func<Foo, bool> onError)
rauhryan / ajax.js
Created Oct 22, 2011 — forked from mikeobrien/ajax.js
Boiler plate code to delete a record + row
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$.addAjaxItemDeleteHandler = function(options) {
var defaults = {
url: 'delete',
data: function(id) { return { Id: id }; },
deleteElementClass: 'item-delete',
deleteElementIdAttribute: 'data-id',
deleteElementDescriptionAttribute: 'data-description',
deleteRowClass: 'item-row',
deleteRowIdAttribute: 'data-id',
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public class TransactionalContainerBehavior : IActionBehavior
private readonly IContainer _container;
private readonly ServiceArguments _arguments;
private readonly Guid _behaviorId;
public TransactionalContainerBehavior(IContainer container, ServiceArguments arguments, Guid behaviorId)
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