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(ns utils.styler
A macro namespace that generates classes on the fly for usage in cljs.
# Motivation
# Synopsis:
In your cljs files you can use inline styles:
[:div {:class [(css {:border 0})]}]
If you need to dynamically change a property:
{:class [(if active? (css {:color \"red\"}) (css {:color \"blue\"})]}
Pseudo queries:
(css :hover {...})
You can use media queries:
(at-media {:max-width \"600px\"} {:padding 0, :margin \"20px\"})
Or both:
(css {:min-width \"400px\"} \"::before\" {...})
Also partition your css rules by media width:
(media-part :width [{:padding 0} 400 {:padding \"2px\"} 600 {:padding \"10px\"}])
# Development live reloading of styles
Simply include the css file (see one of the first def's below for which one)
in your html with a <link> and also tell figwheel to watch that directory
with :css-dirs [\"...\"].
# Production:
Before you do a production build make sure to remove ALL your previously
compiled js files in resources/public/js/.....
The namespace that you specified in your cljs build config under the key:
Will get compiled LAST, all other dependencies first.
Thus, this is where you place something like this:
( (styler/get-css-str true))
OR you can also just generate a file for production:
(styler/spit-css! \"resources/css/app.css\" true)
(also in your :main namespace)
- Keyframes
# Autoprefixing
Requires postcss installed:
npm install --global postcss-cli autoprefixer
[clojure.string :as str]
[garden.core :as garden]
[ :as sh]
[garden.stylesheet :as style]
[ :as io])
(:import (java.util Date)))
;; Some constants:
(def auto-prefixer-cmd ["postcss" "-u" "autoprefixer"])
(def mem-only? (= "false" (System/getProperty "styler.db")))
(def db-file
"The db will receive e a dump of the styles-atom below. This is needed
since otherwise the styler would lose previously generated styles when figwheel
Give it the special name \"false\" to disable dumping the db."
(or (System/getProperty "styler.db") "cache/styler-db.clj"))
(def css-out-file
"The file that's written to whenever a new style is generated. Include this in your
html with a <link> and let figwheel auto-reload it."
(def css-class-prefix "S")
;; Simple logger:
(defn log! [& args]
(spit "/tmp/styler.log" (str (Date.) ": " args "\n") :append true))
;; Persisting DB:
(def styles-atom (atom
(if (and (not mem-only?) (.exists (io/file db-file)))
(log! "Loading db-file: " db-file)
(read-string (slurp db-file)))
(log! "Couldn't find file (or mem-only): " db-file)
;; We need some debouncing when cljs compiles tons of files at once and figwheel
;; would go nuts about reloading the same file hundreds of times.
(defn- debounce-future
"Stolen from github:loganlinn
Returns future that invokes f once wait-until derefs to a timestamp in the past."
[f wait wait-until]
(loop [wait wait]
(Thread/sleep wait)
(let [new-wait (- @wait-until (System/currentTimeMillis))]
(if (pos? new-wait)
(recur new-wait)
(defn debounce
"Stolen from github:loganlinn
Takes a function with no args and returns a debounced version.
f does not get invoked until debounced version hasn't been called for `wait` ms.
The debounced function returns a future that completes when f is invoked."
[f wait]
(let [waiting-future (atom nil)
wait-until (atom 0)]
(fn []
(reset! wait-until (+ (System/currentTimeMillis) wait))
(locking waiting-future
(let [fut @waiting-future]
(if (or (not (future? fut)) (future-done? fut))
(reset! waiting-future (debounce-future f wait wait-until))
(let [last (atom "")]
(defn spit-if-different-from-last
"Spits the css string if different from last call."
(when-not mem-only?
(when-not (= curr-css @last)
(log! "Spitting updated css file" css-out-file {:rules (count @styles-atom)})
(spit css-out-file curr-css)
(reset! last curr-css)))))
(defmulti to-garden (fn [this css-class]
(or (::type this) (class this))))
(defmethod to-garden :media-query
[{:keys [query child]} css-class]
(if css-class
(style/at-media query (to-garden child css-class))
(style/at-media query child)))
(to-garden {::type :media-query
:query {:min-width "3px"}
:child {:color "black"}} "zy")
(to-garden {::type :media-query
:query {:min-width "3px"}
:child [{:color "black"}
{:color "green"}]} "zy"))
(defmethod to-garden :pseudo-selector
[{:keys [pseudo child]} css-class]
[(str "." css-class pseudo) (to-garden child nil)])
(to-garden {::type :pseudo-selector
:pseudo ":hover"
:child {:color "black"}} "zy")
(to-garden {::type :media-query
:query {:min-width "3px"}
:child {::type :pseudo-selector
:pseudo ":hover"
:child {:color "black"}}}
(defmethod to-garden :keyframes
[{:keys [child]} css-class]
(apply style/at-keyframes css-class child))
(to-garden {::type :keyframes
:child [[:from {:opacity 0}]
[:to {:opacity 1}]]} "zy"))
;; Class GEN:
(defn- next-int []
(inc (count @styles-atom)))
(defn- char-range
[a b]
(mapv char
(range (int a) (int b))))
(def valid-chars (concat (char-range \a \z)
(char-range \A \Z)
(char-range \0 \9)
[\_ \-]))
(defn- unique-id-gen
"Generates a sequence of unique identifiers seeded with ids sequence"
;; Laziness ftw:
(apply concat
(iterate (fn [xs]
(for [x xs
y ids]
(str x y)))
(map str ids))))
#_(take 10 (unique-id-gen (char-range \a \c)))
(def inf-ids-seq (unique-id-gen valid-chars))
(defn- new-class
"Returns an unused new classname"
(str css-class-prefix (nth inf-ids-seq (next-int))))
#_(repeatedly 100 new-class)
;; Class add
(defn- add-css-prop
"Adds the css prop + value to the atom and returns the newly generated class"
(let [gen-class (new-class)]
(swap! styles-atom assoc pv gen-class)
(defmethod to-garden garden.types.CSSAtRule
[this css-class]
(defmethod to-garden clojure.lang.APersistentMap
[this css-class]
(if css-class
[(str "." css-class) this]
(defmethod to-garden clojure.lang.APersistentVector
[this css-class]
(if css-class
[(str "." css-class) (mapv #(to-garden % nil) this)]
(mapv #(to-garden % nil) this)))
#_(to-garden {:color "blue"} nil)
#_(to-garden {:color "blue"} "foo")
(defn- classnames-for-styles
[constructor styles]
(str/join " "
(fn [xs prop v]
(assert (or (number? v) (string? v) (coll? v))
"CSS value must be a number or a string.")
(conj xs
(let [style {prop v}
k (constructor style)]
(or (get @styles-atom k)
(add-css-prop k)))))
(defn- classname-for-keyframes
[constructor keyframes]
(let [k (constructor keyframes)]
(or (get @styles-atom k)
(add-css-prop k))))
;; Optimization: Merge the same media queries:
;; Not the prettiest, but it works:
(defn- merge-media-queries
"Merges the media queries since this isn't done by garden."
(let [{::keys [other] :as grouped}
(fn [[k class]]
(if (= :media-query (::type k))
(:query k)
(fn [m q queries]
(assoc m
{::type :media-query
:query q
:child (mapv
(fn [[query class]]
(to-garden (:child query) class))
(into {} other)
(dissoc grouped ::other))))
#_(merge-media-queries @styles-atom)
(defn css-fn
(classnames-for-styles identity styles))
([pseudo styles]
(classnames-for-styles #(-> {::type :pseudo-selector
:pseudo pseudo
:child %}) styles))
([media pseudo styles]
(classnames-for-styles #(-> {::type :media-query
:query media
:child {::type :pseudo-selector
:pseudo pseudo
:child %}})
(defn keyframes-fn
[& args]
(classname-for-keyframes #(-> {::type :keyframes
:child %})
(defmacro css
"Returns a string of (multiple) casses (space separated) for the given styles
The styles MUST be constants (this is a macro!):
(css {:display \"block\", :background-color \"blue\"})
;; Gets appended behind the newly generated class:
(css :hover {...})
(css \":nth-of-type(2)\" {...})
(css \"::before\" {...})
;; Or also with media queries:
(css {:min-width \"400px\"} \"::before\" {...})"
(css-fn styles))
([pseudo styles]
(css-fn pseudo styles))
([media pseudo styles]
(css-fn media pseudo styles)))
#_(css {:display "block", :background-color "blue"})
#_(css :hover {:background-color "green"})
#_(css {:min-width "3px"} :hover {:background-color "green"})
(defmacro keyframes
[& args]
(apply keyframes-fn args))
(defn at-media-fn
[query styles]
(classnames-for-styles #(-> {::type :media-query
:query query
:child %}) styles))
(defmacro at-media
"(at-media {:max-width \"600px\"} {:padding 0, :margin \"20px\"})"
[query styles]
(at-media-fn query styles))
#_(at-media {:min-width "400px"} {:display "inline"})
(defn media-part-fn
"(media-part :width [{:padding 0} 400 {:padding \"2px\"} 600 {:padding \"10px\"}])"
;; TODO: Optimize to use the SAME classes:
[w-or-h xs]
{:pre [(#{:width :height} w-or-h)]}
(let [min+ #(-> {(keyword (str "min-" (name w-or-h))) (str (inc %) "px")})
max! #(-> {(keyword (str "max-" (name w-or-h))) (str % "px")})]
(->> (partition 3 2 (concat [nil] xs [nil]))
(fn [[from styles to]]
#(-> {::type :media-query
:query (cond
(and from to) (merge (min+ from) (max! to))
from (min+ from)
to (max! to))
:child %})
(str/join " "))))
(defmacro media-part
"(media-part :width [{:padding 0} 400 {:padding \"2px\"} 600 {:padding \"10px\"}])"
[w-or-h xs]
(media-part-fn w-or-h xs))
(defn- prefix-css
"Prefixes the given css string. Pipes s into the command and returns the output. (slow)"
[cmd s]
(:out (apply sh/sh (into cmd [:in s]))))
#_(prefix-css auto-prefixer-cmd ".x{flex:center}")
(defn- compile-css
"Compiles the css in the atom and returns a css string"
[merge-media? min?]
(garden/css {:pretty-print? (not min?)}
(fn [[k css-class]]
(to-garden k css-class))
(if merge-media?
(merge-media-queries @styles-atom)
#_(compile-css true false)
#_(compile-css true true)
(defn get-css-str-fn
([min? prefix?] (get-css-str-fn min? prefix? auto-prefixer-cmd))
([min? prefix? cmd]
(cond->> (compile-css min? min?)
prefix? (prefix-css cmd))))
#_(get-css-str-fn false true)
(defn get-all-classes
"for debugging"
(sort (mapv second @styles-atom)))
(defn del-rule-by-class
(into {}
(filter (fn [[_ k]] (not= k klass)))
#_(reset! styles-atom (del-rule-by-class "Sbi"))
(defmacro get-css-str
"Gets the CSS that's been accumulated. If the cmd is given it will be piped the raw
css string and should returns a css string (for autoprefixing)"
([min? prefix?] (get-css-str-fn min? prefix? auto-prefixer-cmd))
([min? prefix? cmd] (get-css-str-fn min? prefix? cmd)))
(defmacro spit-css!
([file-name prefix?]
(spit file-name (get-css-str-fn true prefix? auto-prefixer-cmd)))
([file-name prefix? cmd]
(spit file-name (get-css-str-fn true prefix? cmd))))
(def spit-css-file!
"Dumps the CSS. Debounced and not going to touch the css file if unchanged."
#(spit-if-different-from-last (get-css-str-fn false false))
(def on-change-listener
"Listens to any DB changes and dumps the new db as well as spits the CSS string."
(add-watch styles-atom :dump-db
(fn [_ _ _ new]
(when-not mem-only?
(spit db-file new)))))

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Owner Author

@rauhs rauhs commented Dec 11, 2016

See namespace doc string for how to use.

TODO: keyframes


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@groundedSAGE groundedSAGE commented Jan 14, 2017

installStyles seems to be deprecated. It is suggested to use installSafeStyleSheet. The old one returns the new one so it looks like you can do a straight swap.

I'd really like to include this in my project which is using Boot.
Could I ping you for help with using this macro? Or possibly request Boot specific instructions in the Development and Production docs.


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Owner Author

@rauhs rauhs commented Mar 17, 2017

Completely new impl. Now works MUCH better. Fixes:

  • Central DB so that files that haven't been recompiled by CLJS in a while will still refer to the right CSS classes even among compiler restarts. (needs a /cache) directory.
  • Automatic reloading is now done by figwheel
  • Debounced reloading so that figwheel only reloads the css file once at the end of the re-compilation
  • Media partitioner
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