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Linux command to check Internet connection speed.

# View public IP

  • curl -s | sed 's#.Address: (.)</b.*#\1#'
  • wget -qO -
  • curl
  • curl
  • dig +short
  • lynx -dump | grep 'IP Address'
  • curl
  • curl
  • curl
  • curl



CacheFly (Canada):

Linode (EE.UU., Reino Unido y Japón):


  • iperf3 -c -u
  • iperf3 -c -R -P 4
  • iperf -c -r -P 4
  • iperf -c s-network1.amcs.tld -P 1 -i 5 -p 5999 -f B -t 60 -T 1
  • iperf -c -P 10 -t 240
  • iperf -c -i 2 -t 20 -r
  • bwctl -T iperf3 -f m -t 10 -i 1 -c
  • iperf -c -i 5 -u -r
  • iperf -c -i 5 -u -r
  • iperf -c -i 10 -T 100
  • iperf -c
  • iperf -c

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@rsvp rsvp commented Mar 7, 2017

Good news : get internet speed from your command line...

Work has shifted to using the infrastructure of and --
again made easily accessible by Bash shell scripts for all POSIX and Linux systems.
Please visit to obtain the code. PR are welcomed!

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