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Using server-sent events

Why and how?

Important gotcha

  • The server sends a stream to the browser. Conceptually, that stream is infinite: the server never closes it, only the client, by breaking the connection.
  • If the stream is ever closed by the server (restart etc.), then the client immediately tries to reconnect.

Sketch: hot-reloading via server-sent events

  • The server watches a directory and server-sends timestamps when something changes.
  • The current timestamp is embedded in each HTML file that is served.
  • A script in each HTML file listens to the server-sent events.
    • If the embedded timestamp is different from the received data: location.reload()


Thanks for feedback:

const evtSource = new EventSource('/server-sent-events');
// 'message' is the default event (used if there is no `event:` field).
// Servers can create different events via the `event:` field.
evtSource.addEventListener('message', (event) => {
const data = JSON.parse(;
const readables = new Set();
function startServer() {
// ···
server.get('/server-sent-events', async (request, reply) => {
const readable = new SimpleReadable();
// Optional: send the current full status
// The server closes the readable for us – if the connection is broken
readable.addListener('close', () => {
// This is how we send incremental updates:
return readable; // send to client
// ···
let count = 0;
function sendIncrementalUpdate(date) {
const data = {
dateString: date.toISOString(),
// Must not contain newlines (apart from those at the end)!
const chunk = `data: ${JSON.stringify(data)}\n\n`;
for (const readable of readables) {
//========== Helper class
* Use `.push()` to add data chunks to instances of this class.
class SimpleReadable extends stream.Readable {
_read() {
// do nothing
closeSimpleReadable() {

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mtrefzer commented Feb 12, 2020

Where should SimpleReadable.closeSimpleReadable() be called?
I assume inside the CloseListener.

BTW it looks really nice and awesome lean.


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rauschma commented Feb 15, 2020

@mtrefzer The server closes the Readables for us; we don’t have to close them ourselves in this case.

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