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WebReflection commented Apr 2, 2018

it'd be nice to specify which method involves Symbol.species or which method doesn't

edit actually, I guess that T[] would imply species, right? If that's the case, ignore my comment.

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fearphage commented Apr 2, 2018

I saw this the other day: Array Explorer. A cli tool to help you determine which array method you want/need to use. I'm not sure who it's designed for, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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t-cool commented Apr 3, 2018

Good article!! Could I translate this into Japanese?
I'll write down the link to this article.

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marcinnajder commented Apr 4, 2018

Nice summary! Yet another way of documenting using only examples (tooltips)

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ghost commented Apr 6, 2018

I think you're missing smoosh 😆

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shoebsd31 commented Apr 7, 2018

This is awesome

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elrumordelaluz commented Apr 7, 2018

Could be useful this interactive Array Explorer by @sdras

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rendertom commented Apr 29, 2018

There's a typo in push methods description: "Adds adds <...>"

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liuliangsir commented Jul 9, 2018

Here is a similar stuff.

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