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Multiple authors on Jekyll
name: Hanzou Hattori
display_name: Hanzou
gravatar: c66919cb194f96c696c1da0c47354a6a
twitter: company
github: hhattori
name: Jörgen Mortensen
display_name: Jörgen
gravatar: 12e480a364a5c19214f99b4dfe9a11d5
twitter: company
github: jorgenm
{% assign author = site.authors[] %}
<article class="entry">
<p class="date">
<span class="month">{{ | date: '%b' }}</span>
<span class="day">{{ | date: '%d' }}</span>
<span class="year">{{ | date: '%Y' }}</span>
<h1>{{ page.title }}</h1>
<p class="byline">
by {{ author.display_name }}
</p> <!-- /.byline -->
layout: post
title: "Migrating from Tumblr to Jekyll"
author: jorgen
tags: [ Tumblr, Jekyll, tutorial ]
css_classes: [ permalink ]

ravasthi, how could i list all the authors eg. in a humans.txt file?

keith commented Aug 15, 2013

@seufelipe just a basic jekyll for loop would probably do:

{% for author in site.authors %}
  {{ }} -- {{ }}
{% endfor %}

ngunner commented Jan 8, 2014

Just what I needed. Thanks!

This works a charm - a really nicely little gist.

Awesome! thank you!

This isn't working for me. I am using the exact set up, but cannot render a list of all of the authors. Has this changed? To clarify, I am referring to @keith regarding the for loop. Did that work for you?

kuka commented Sep 21, 2015

@sqorandy, did you figure out a solution?

This worked for me:

{% for author in site.authors %}
  {{ author[1].name }} -- {{ author[1].email }}
{% endfor %}
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