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// This variable will hold the reference to the document's click handler
let handleOutsideClick
// Difining clickoutside globally for the application
// so it will be used across all the components
Vue.directive('clickoutside', {
// bind the logic to the html element
bind (el, binding, vnode) {
// Here's the click/touchstart handler
// (it is registered below)
handleOutsideClick = (e) => {
// get the bind values from the element on which directive is used
const { exclude } = binding.value;
// check whether the clicked element is same as passed referenece
// if clicked element same as passed refernece then we checked
// whether popup is visible or hide
// if user click outside except passed referance element
// then we just hide the popup
// if( !el.contains(
// Register click/touchstart event listeners on the whole page
document.addEventListener('click', handleOutsideClick)
document.addEventListener('touchstart', handleOutsideClick)
unbind () {
// If the element that has v-clickoutside is removed, then
// unbind click/touchstart listeners from the whole page
document.removeEventListener('click', handleOutsideClick)
document.removeEventListener('touchstart', handleOutsideClick)
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