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Dependency Stack

The following table is a list of the major dependencies we use along with their purpose and links to supplemental documentation.

Dependency Purpose Docs
NextJS Official Docs
Another Name Parser Break up a concatenated name into pieces Official Docs
CASL Restricting access to features based on permissions Official Docs
Classnames Conditionally apply and join classes together Official Docs
Final Form Form management and validation Official Docs
Immutable Persistent immutable data structures Official Docs
JSON API Normalizer Normalize data from the server Official Docs
KW UI Kit Component building blocks and styling utilities Official Docs
KW Utilities HTTP request library along with some other utilities Official Docs
LoDash Utility function library Official Docs
Moment (Timezone) Time and date management with timezone support Official Docs
PubNub Notifications library Official Docs
React Loadable Asynchronously load components with promises Official Docs
Recharts Charting library Official Docs
Redux State management Official Docs
Redux Axios Middleware Redux middleware for making API calls Official Docs
Redux Thunk Return functions instead of objects from actions Official Docs
Reselect Redux selector library Official Docs
Validator String validation utilities Official Docs
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