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I have found the secret road to Flavortown

Ross Paffett raws

I have found the secret road to Flavortown
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raws / wonder-llama-demo.rb
Last active Jun 9, 2021
Quick demo of responding to bot mentions using Wonder Llama:
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require 'bundler/inline'
gemfile do
gem 'wonder-llama', github: 'raws/wonder-llama', branch: 'master', require: 'wonder_llama'
def bot_mentioned?(message)
raws / gist:07002f33ff6cd2e0b6c638dc627ad3e5
Created Nov 26, 2018
Ruby array block argument splatting
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[['foo', 'bar', 'baz']].each { |array| puts array.inspect }
#=> ["foo", "bar", "baz"]
[['foo', 'bar', 'baz']].each do |first, second, third|
puts first.inspect
puts second.inspect
puts third.inspect
#=> "foo"
#=> "bar"
raws / pumpkin_collection.rb
Created Feb 21, 2018
Demonstration of how to create an #each method on our own class that behaves similarly to Array#each
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class PumpkinCollection
def initialize(colors)
@colors = colors
def each
i = 0
while i < @colors.length do
color = @colors[i]
raws / puma.rb
Created Jan 18, 2018
Puma config snippet
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workers Integer(ENV.fetch('WEB_CONCURRENCY', '2')) / 2
threads_count = ENV.fetch('RAILS_MAX_THREADS', '2')
threads threads_count, threads_count
raws / chopt.rb
Last active Nov 12, 2016 — forked from prokop75/gist:a1e141c10b828d03ae74aca3f06e06e4
Chopt make order ahead orders not reorderable
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chopt_location_ids = [5652, 6397, 6646, 6647, 6648, 6650, 6651, 6652, 6653,
6654, 7169, 7170, 7453, 7454, 7624, 7625, 7626, 7627, 7628, 7629, 7630,
7631, 7632, 7633, 8015, 8482, 10153, 10619, 10620, 10823, 10824, 11457,
11560, 14504, 14505, 14820, 15323, 17342, 22070, 22074, 22100, 22101]
orders = Order.completed.where(location_id: chopt_location_ids,
reorderable: true)
# Iterate through all orders, mark as reorderable = false, print IDs
orders.find_each do |order|
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0.25 lb tempeh
5.5 lb trail mix
0.25 lb chocolate-covered coffee beans
1.5 lb dehydrated veggies
0.5 lb jerky
View gist:ebc4e30901fe2c5314a5062a9360977b
> Treasure Island Warehouse Closing Sale and Burner Swap Meet
> Say hello to a good buy!
> What: Treasure Island Warehouse Sale and Burner Swap Meet
> When: Saturday May 28th & Sunday 29th from 10am - 4pm
> Where: East side of Building 180 (behind the “Winery”) - see link
> Building 180 on Treasure Island has been home to some of Burning Man’s most inspiring Art Cars, sculptures, and imaginative creations over the last decade.
> Following our epic farewell party two weeks ago, we are hosting a sale and swap meet with a whole range of equipment and materials to make your next art, video, music, sculpture, or decor project complete.
raws / rpg.mediawiki
Last active Apr 6, 2016
Blolol RPG guide
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Note: Check out for up-to-date documentation!

Blolol RPG is a roleplaying game for lazy people. It's part of Wheaties, and takes place entirely in IRC. It's inspired by Idle RPG, which has been around since 2004. Idle RPG's own description sums up the game quite nicely:

The Idle RPG is just what it sounds like: an RPG in which the players idle. In addition to merely gaining levels, players can find items and battle other players. However, this is all done for you; you just idle. There are no set classes; you can name your character anything you like, and have its class be anything you like, as well.

Blolol RPG shares these core concepts with Idle RPG, but it also differs in some interesting ways. Read on to find out how to play!

Where to play

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if roll?(0.25)

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