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List of online references: Bridging The GapBridging The Gap — Produce and Communicate Design Decisions to Developers

This gist lists the online references I used to build my workshop "Bridging The Gap — Produce and Communicate Design Decisions to Developers".

Slides can be found here:


What Does My Site Cost? Find out how much it costs for someone to use your site on mobile networks around the world.

HTML Basics - Mozilla docs

Learning HTML: Guides and tutorials

Everything you need to know about this CSS preprocessor

How the Web works


Introduction to the CSS basic box model

Design - Developer collaboration

Keys to effective designer-developer collaboration

Working Together: How Designers And Developers Can Communicate To Create Better Projects

Bridging UX & Web Development: Better Results Through Team Integration

The overlap between design and engineering: a different perspective on product development

Desgning with developers in mind: Guides, grids and frameworks

How To Effectively Communicate With Developers

Designers. Work better with developers.

Integrating UX design into a DSDM project

Wireframing and Prototyping

Which UX Deliverables Are Most Commonly Created and Shared?

The Right Tool For The Job: Picking The Best Prototyping Software For Your Project

Wireframing for responsive design

UX docs and deliverables

UI Components

6 Reasons for Employing Component-based UI Development

UI component playbook

From Pages to Patterns: An Exercise for Everyone

Designing the Steps in the User Interface for a Difficult Task

Component cut-up workshop

Modular Web Design With Components

Tips & tricks for creating reusable UI components (dev)


Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute

A Comprehensive Guide to Styling File Inputs

Design Sytems

Atomic Design

This is the web


Component QA in Design Systems

How to Test Visual Design


Designing Interactions

The Unusually Useful Web Book

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