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ArcGIS-JSAPI: DrawingToolbar hack for onDrawBegin
* Making up for a missing "draw-begin" or "draw-start" event for the ArcGIS JavaScript API Drawing toolbar
* Problem: While the drawing toolbar in the ArcGIS JavaScript API has a "draw-end" and a "draw-complete"
* event, it doesn't have a "draw-start" or "draw-begin" event.
* Solution: Use a dojo/on pausable event that is only unpaused after the draw-end event.
require(["esri/map", "dojo/on", "esri/toolbars/draw"], function (Map, dojoOn, Draw) {
var map = new Map("mapdiv", {});
var drawtoolbar = new Draw(map, {});
//do stuff...
// set up event listener to trigger the "draw-begin" event
var onDrawBegin = dojoOn.pausable(map, "mouse-down", function () {
// test if you can pause the onDrawBegin after the event is called.
if (onDrawBegin && typeof onDrawBegin.pause === "function") {
// pause it for now
// set up the draw-end event to reactivate onDrawBegin
dojoOn(drawtoolbar, "draw-end, activate", function (evt) {
// resume the onDrawBegin when you touch the map to draw again.
dojoOn(drawtoolbar, "deactivate", function (evt) {
// pause draw event if the drawtoolbar is deactivated
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