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Created May 15, 2019 23:12
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1.4.0 release notes

New Features (Version 1.4.0)

Optimized Driving Directions for Tasks

If a user is assigned a task with fewer than 27 people with valid addresses they will be able to get optimized driving directions for visiting these people, based upon the person's best address.

The user will be asked to enter a start and end address, as well as if the route should include people who were marked as having the task complete.
When a route is optimized, the people will be sorted in the list by their position along the route. Any people who could not be routed will be given a badge ‘Not include in route’ next to their name. This can occur when a person has no address, or the user has opted to exclude people who have been marked complete.

The route is also shown in map view.

Enhancements / Tweaks

E-mail Type ‘Personal’ is now called ‘Home’.

In order to bring the uploader and the user interface in line with each other, the e-mail type ‘Personal’ is now called ‘Home’ when adding or editing an email address Alert when new version is available

Alert on new app version

When a new version of the application is available, the user will be alerted and given the option to reload the page to use the latest app version. This should help make sure that users are not using an outdated version of the site.

Hide (collapse) past due tasks

Tasks that are ‘past due’ are now hidden by default on the tasks page. A user can see these tasks by clicking SHOW PAST DUE. This is similar to how bad e-mail addresses are hidden when viewing a person’s page.

Password reset link Fix

Previously, a password reset link would become invalid after it was clicked. This created an issue when virus scanners or other applications would visit the link before the user was able to. After this update the password reset link will remain valid until the password is changed or 6 hours has passed, whichever occurs first.

After resetting a password, a user will need to login with their new password.

Better error notification

When there is an unhandled error in the application, it will alert the user that something went wrong and send a log to the developers. Previously, logs were being sent to the developer but users often would not see anything indicating that there was an error.

Bug Fixes:

Fix upload fail when data has special characters

There was an issue where special characters would cause errors when uploading field info (tags). This has been fixed.

Fix inability to add address to address field that was created without an address

Resolves an issue where it was not possible to add an address to an address response (tag) that was originally created without an address.

Hide ‘Export’ button for Organizers.

Although organizers are not able to export lists of people, they would still see the ‘export’ button on the person list page. Trying to use this button would cause an error because they don’t have permission to use the feature. We removed the ‘Export’ button for everyone except for Leads and Administrators.

Tag fields not “lining up” in exports.

In certain cases, when exporting people and selecting fields (tag categories) to export, the headers would not match the data in the columns. This has been fixed.

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