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Example demonstrating calling the commonjs loader via Rhino
import org.dojotoolkit.server.util.resource.ResourceLoader;
import org.dojotoolkit.server.util.rhino.RhinoClassLoader;
import org.dojotoolkit.server.util.rhino.RhinoJSMethods;
import org.mozilla.javascript.Context;
import org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptableObject;
public class RhinoCommonJSLoader {
private RhinoClassLoader rhinoClassLoader = null;
private ResourceLoader resourceLoader = null;
public RhinoCommonJSLoader(ResourceLoader resourceLoader) {
this.rhinoClassLoader = new RhinoClassLoader(resourceLoader, RhinoClassLoader.class.getClassLoader());
this.resourceLoader = resourceLoader;
public void run(String program) throws IOException {
Context ctx = null;
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
try {
ctx = Context.enter();
ScriptableObject scope = ctx.initStandardObjects();
RhinoJSMethods.initScope(scope, resourceLoader, rhinoClassLoader, true, false);
ctx.evaluateString(scope, sb.toString(), "CommonJSLoader", 1, null);
catch(Throwable t) {
throw new IOException("Exception on load for ["+sb+"] : "+t.getMessage());
finally {
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