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//queue is an array of functions
//board is a 2D array
//grid is a 2D array of numbers
//progression is B-O-G-R
//grid values
//Red = 1
//Green = 2
//Orange = 3
//Blue = 4
//Empty = 0
View capturephoto.cs
private async void CapturePhoto_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
var dialog = new Windows.Media.Capture.CameraCaptureUI();
photo = await dialog.CaptureFileAsync(Windows.Media.Capture.CameraCaptureUIMode.Photo);
if (photo != null)
IRandomAccessStream stream = await photo.OpenAsync(Windows.Storage.FileAccessMode.ReadWrite);
image = new BitmapImage();
View Netflix.js
(function () {
'use strict';
var clientKey = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
var clientSecret = "XXXXXXXXXXXX";
var oauthToken;
var oauthSecret;
var userId;
var loginUrl;
var applicationName;
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