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@rbehrends rbehrends/choice.nim Secret
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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import mersenne, tables, sequtils, algorithm
var rng = newMersenneTwister(1)
proc random(m: int): int =
rng.getNum mod m
proc randomChoice(k, n: int): seq[int] =
# Fisher-Yates with a hash table.
result = @[]
var work = initTable[int, int]()
for i in countdown(n, n-k+1):
let r = random(i)+1
if work.hasKey(r):
add(result, work[r])
add(result, r)
work[r] = i
sort(result, cmp[int])
var tab = newTable[seq[int], int]()
for i in 1..100000:
let t = randomChoice(3, 10)
if not tab.hasKey(t):
tab[t] = 1
tab[t] = tab[t] + 1
echo tab
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