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Robin Newman rbnpi

  • Near Peterborough
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rbnpi / RandomSampleFrereJaques.rb
Last active Oct 6, 2020
Sonic Pi pays Frere Jaques using onsets from a random sample file Hear it on
View RandomSampleFrereJaques.rb
#random sample tune using Freres Jaques by Robin Newman, Oct 2020
#for random sample competition
#the random sample I was presented with was of a random elictricity buzz
#I read and save the onset info which produced 14 sections
#the first consisted of clicks, but the remainder I use to produce a "synth"
#with differnt tones. I then used these to play four aprt rounds of frere jaques
#finishing with one load very low frequency version.
use_debug false
#s holds the path to the sample from
rbnpi / Salomone_Rossi_Corrente-RF.rb
Created Sep 20, 2020
seven Corrente by Salomone Rossi 1613 transcribed for Sonic Pi from a MuseScore by w8erw Hear it on
View Salomone_Rossi_Corrente-RF.rb
#These 7 Corrente were written in 1613
#I have transcribed them from a MuseScore by w8erw to play on Sonic Pi.
#quite a lot of fun debugging this, especially the harpsichord part!
#program designed to send haprsichord voices to vmpk va midi and reimport live_audio
#you can also set midiplay to false and play this part with internal piano synth instead
st=0 #start section number for debug purposes normally leave at 0
midiplay = true #set to false for internal piano synth
#if using midi adjust port as necesssary
View Salomone_Rossi_Bergamasca_Canzona-RF.rb
#converted to Sonic Pi format by Robin newman Sept 2020
#from a MuseScore by Daniel Rubin
#use run_file "path/to/Salomone_Rossi_Bergamasca_Canzona-RF.rb"
with_fx :reverb,room: 0.7,mix: 0.7 do
with_fx :level,amp: 0.4 do
use_synth :tri
View Francesco_Turini_Triosonata_Il_Corisino-RF.rb
#transcribed from a MuseScore by Daniel Rubin for Sonic Pi by Robin Newman Sept 2020
#makes use of external harpsichord synth in vmpk, driven by midi from Sonic piano
#with audio fed back to Sonic Pi as live_audio
#use runfile "/path/to/Francesco_Turini_Triosonata_Il_Corisino-RF.rb"
midiplay = true #for harpsichord or false for piano substitute
#notes for midi/piano parts 3,4,5 follow
rbnpi / Marco_Uccellini-Bergamsaca-RF.rb
Last active Sep 12, 2020
Bergamasca by Marco Uccellini (1642) transcribed for Sonic Pi Hear it on
View Marco_Uccellini-Bergamsaca-RF.rb
#transcribed for Sonic Pi format from a MuseScore by Daniel Fubin
#Here I have transposed it to played down an octave. Robin Newwman Septmeber 2020
#play using run_file "/path/to/Marco_Uccellini-Bergamsaca-RF.rb"
use_transpose -12
with_fx :reverb,room: 0.8,mix: 0.6 do
use_synth :beep
rbnpi / JosquinDePres.rb
Created Sep 7, 2020
Josquin de Pres Adieu mes Amours 1430 played by Sonic Pi hear it on
View JosquinDePres.rb
#Josquin de Pres Adieu mes Amours 1480
use_synth :tri
use_bpm 160
with_fx :reverb,room: 0.7,mix: 0.6,amp: 1 do
with_fx :level, amp: 0.8 do
rbnpi / The_Farie_Round-RF.rb
Last active Sep 3, 2020
The Farie Round (Galliard) by Antony Holborne 1545-1602 coded for Sonic PI Sept 2020. Hear it on
View The_Farie_Round-RF.rb
#A Galliard by Antony Holborne 1545 – 1602
#coded for Sonic Pi by Robin Newman, September 2020
#play using run_file "path/to/The_Farie_Round-RF.rb"
use_bpm 198
with_fx :reverb,room: 0.8, mix: 0.7 do
with_fx :level,amp: 0.95 do |v|
set :v,v
r=0.075 #release fraction
in_thread do
rbnpi / JazzeupInversions.rb
Last active Aug 14, 2020
JazzedupInversions plays with a sequence of chord inversions in Sonic Pi. Hear it on
View JazzeupInversions.rb
#JazzedupInversions by Robin Newman, August 2020
#started playing with chord inversions and ended up with this.
#corrected for current with_merged_synth_defaults bug in ver 3.2.2
use_bpm 60 #initial tempo
with_fx :reverb, room: 0.8,mix: 0.7 do
with_fx :ixi_techno,mix: 0.4 do
live_loop :arps do
#code to speed up and slow down tempo again
bpmchange=((knit 2,20)+(knit -4,10)).tick(:speed)
use_bpm current_bpm + bpmchange
rbnpi / GoodBadUgly-RF.rb
Last active Aug 15, 2020
The Good the Bad and the Ugly theme by Ennio Morricone on Sonic Pi (play using run_file command) Listen at
View GoodBadUgly-RF.rb
#coded by Robin Newman, July 2020
#use run_file "path/to/GoodBadUgly-RF.rb"
with_fx :reverb, room: 0.8 do
use_synth :pluck
with_fx :compressor,amp: 2 do
rbnpi / recordplaybackmidi.rb
Last active Nov 29, 2020
Experimental program to record realtime midi input in Sonic Pi and subsequently play it back. Video on youtube
View recordplaybackmidi.rb
#program to record realtime midi input,and then replay it.
#records midi input from say a keyboard, saving data into array tlist
#this can then be replayed. Records, note pitch, time started,
#velocity of key and note duration.
#coded by Robin Newman April 2020
uncomment do #comment to record, uncomment to replay
puts tlist.length
puts tlist
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